Chartis Insurance Re-branding Fall 2012 to AIG

American International Group Inc. (AIG) has confirmed rumors that it will re-brand its insurance divisions globally and return to the AIG name.

In an internal memo dated June 28, AIG president and CEO Robert Benmosche said that the company has made significant progress in restoring its reputation.

“Research shows that the AIG name is well-respected among our partners and customers in every corner of our businesses. Therefore, we have made the decision: We will return to the AIG name in the fall,” Benmosche wrote.

India Network Foundation sponsors travel insurance for pre existing conditions to students, temporary workers (H1 visa holders) and their families. All insurance products sponsored by the foundation are administered by India Network Health Insurance and underwritten by The Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania, a member of Chartis Insurance. Chartis Insurance is a division that will be rebranded to AIG in the fall of 2012.

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